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Automatic casting molding line
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Automatic casting molding line
类型: 全自动造型线
型号: V型
用途: 高精度铸件砂处理和造型
工艺: V法铸造

The automatic molding line adopts vacuum sealing molding, uses dry sand molding without adhesive, uses plastic film sealing, and relies on vacuum pump to form the pressure difference inside and outside the mold, so as to make the dry sand compact, form the mold, and cast to obtain high-precision castings. Because of the high reuse rate of used sand, good working environment and high utilization rate of metal, it is listed as clean production technology by the state. It is applicable to engineering machinery counterweight, petroleum machinery (crank, reduction box, balance weight), belt pulley, bolster side frame, axle, brake hub, piano stringer, well cover, high manganese steel lining plate and other industries.

The automatic molding line consists of the following equipment and accessories:


1. Electric control system 2, baking film 3, EVA mask 4, negative pressure box and type plate 5, fixed vibrating platform 6, vacuum hose 7, negative pressure distribution tank 8, vacuum pipeline 9, vacuum stabilizing tank 10, water bath dust collector 11, vacuum pump 11, vacuum pump and water tank.

Process flow of automatic molding line:

Sand treatment process flow: lift the sand box (with vacuum) after pouring to the sand falling grid (with vacuum removed) → lift the upper box, casting and lower box → the molding sand falls to the sand falling transition bucket → vibrating conveyor screen sand machine → plate chain elevator → boiling cooling bed → bucket elevator → belt conveyor → molding sand warehouse; the sand box passes through the empty box on the crane, assisted by electric control, dust removal and pneumatic system The sand treatment system of V-process casting production line is formed.

Molding process flow: place the molding board (with air extraction box) on the vibrating platform (mold lifting position of top box) → position the molding board → move the vibrating platform to transfer the molding board to the laminating station → laminating, heating, laminating → manual spraying → drying → place the sand box (laminating position) → move the vibrating platform to the sanding station → the vibrating platform rises in place → the rain shower and sand feeder opens → vibration of the vibrating platform → Close the deluge sander → stop the vibration of the shaker → drop the shaker in place → cover the back membrane manually and cut it off manually → move the shaker to the top box mold lifting position → lift the mold → manually lift and transport the sand box (turn over the case tipper) → position the moulding board → move the shaker to transfer the moulding board to the laminating position → enter the next cycle; close the box. The upper and lower tanks operate the above cycle.


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