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Plastic coated sand recycling equipment
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Plastic coated sand recycling equipment
类型: 覆膜砂设备
品牌: 诺润昭美
用途: 覆膜砂生产;铸造时产生的旧砂回收再生利用
工艺: 热法再生/干法再生

In general, the hot laminating process is adopted in the laminating sand regeneration equipment. The original sand is heated to a certain temperature, and then mixed and stirred with resin, aqueous solution of wuluode and calcium stearate respectively, and then cooled, crushed and screened. Due to the difference of formula, the mixing process is different. When clay sand casting is used, 3-6 tons of used sand will be produced for each ton of casting. There are basically two ways to use the used sand, i.e. reuse the used sand and reuse the used sand after regeneration. For the parts with less heat influence, the sand mold still retains a high residual strength, which is close to the final strength of the molding sand before pouring. The general vibration crusher, jaw crusher, roller crusher, impact crusher, etc. can be used to crush the sand directly for subsequent regeneration Handle.

The equipment of film covered sand regeneration is simple when dry regeneration process is adopted. It is suitable for the used sand with brittle adhesive film, and it is mostly used for the used sand of resin sand, with a recycling rate of 85-90%.

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