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sand preparation equipments for foundry
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sand preparation equipments for foundry
类型: 粘土砂设备
品牌: 诺润昭美
用途: 铸造工艺的旧砂去除灰分和再生
工艺: 旧砂再生

The sand treatment equipment can be customized according to the actual needs of the manufacturer. The clay sand treatment and regeneration equipment uses the impact and friction of used sand and wear-resistant casting as well as the friction between used sand and used sand to remove the inert film on the surface of sand particles. At the same time, the method of combining pneumatic boiling and air suction dedusting is used to remove the fine powder such as dead clay, which greatly reduces the mud content of used sand.

Sand treatment equipment production line has the following characteristics:

1. Effectively remove ash and reduce mud content of used sand;

2. The investment is small, the effect is fast, and the original process flow need not be changed;

3. The amount of new sand can be saved;

4. After treatment, the sand particles are more round and have more reasonable angle coefficient;

5. Improve the quality of molding sand, reduce the scrap rate and improve the precision of casting.

Clay sand regeneration process of sand treatment equipment:

The used sand after crushing, screening and magnetic separation of clay sand equipment is added into the regenerator after being quantified by the quantitative feeding device. The high-speed rotating regeneration disc in the regenerator throws the sand to the counterattack ring and collides with the counterattack ring tangential friction. At the same time, due to the centrifugal force, the sand particles can form a relatively stable inverted cone in the regeneration disk; the sand particles that relatively lag into the regeneration disk and this inverted cone Rubbing occurs. Repeated collision and rubbing make the inert film on the surface of the used sand fall off, and the micro powder and sand in the used sand separate. Under the high-speed rotating main shaft, there is a fan impeller, which forms a strong axial air flow to blow down the flowing sand flow. At the same time, there is a dedusting port on the top to extract the dust. By adjusting the wind force of the air inlet and dedusting exhaust, the micro powder in the sand can be removed, which can make the old sand reach a stable mud content and realize the regeneration of the old sand.

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